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You don’t even know I exist

But I know your every expression

Or the books you love

Or the things you like

Your pure laugh

I watch

Every Time you talk

From corner of my eye

Hiding under the hood

I like to watch you

You don’t even know I exist

Someone in the world…

Someone unknown to you

Waiting for the day, when

My roses will make

Their way between pages of your book.

I have…

I have stayed silent when I wished I hadn’t

I have taken the breaths I wished I hadn’t

I have lied about things I wished I hadn’t

I have endured the burns I wished I hadn’t

I have stopped when I knew I hadn’t to

I have pleaded when I knew I hadn’t to

I have waited when I knew I hadn’t to

I have cried when I knew I hadn’t to

I have laughed when I wanted to cry

I have hurted when I wanted to stop

I have worked when I wanted to rest

I have absorbed when I wanted to shout

I have done what others liked

I have said what others thought

I have dreamt what others told me

I have listened when others talked

I have been played enough

I have been waiting enough

I have been cutted enough

I have been hushed enough

I have my own desires to fullfil

I have my own dreams to live

I have my own game to paly

I have my own life to love

I have to learn to walk on

I have to learn to speak now

I have to learn to love again

I have to learn to smile once more

Flying High

Flying high….

above the altitude

over the horizon

after so many tries

Flying high….

away from their reach

away from their brace

away from their nets

Flying high….

towards the sun

to reach the sky

and to shine like stars

Flying high….

with no one’s help

with no one under my wings

like the air under the bird’s wings

Flying high….

leaving behind the pain

for once not feeling failed

or someone they break

Flying high….

like in dreams

feeling fresh air

and clouds touching my feet

Flying high….

and preparing to fly higher

after passing those storms

because I’m myself

no less than the thunder in storm.


I like to live alone

Listen to birds alone

Just their song and eternal peace

A cup of coffee

On my unmade bed

The hushed air when reading a book

Dancing in shower on my favourite song

Struggling to cook

Ending up ordering

All that money I earn

Just to spend on me

Save a lot for next vacation

But yes I have a dog

Both of us hates the hugs

He busy with his balls

I engrossed in all of me

Spending new nights with new delights

Living on small talks with strangers

But whenever I see someone

Like a girl with her mother

Or lovers holding hands

Partner worried and caring when other is sick

Friends hugging

Even on airports

Those tears with goodbyes

Kisses with each new joy

Those cuddles they missed

I wish for embraces

On emotional days

For laughs on weary day

A shoulder on broken days

Applause for my art

I like to live alone

Yet I fany that someone unknown


I sat down and listened to the rain

For the first time did, what she loved

Pictured her with me

Her voice and eyes

Hand in hand, perfect fit

Smooth feel of her skin

Imagined her continues talks

Her heart beats against my chest

Each word she said, ringed the bell

Evoked every new emotion

Which I felt this time

Because she was always here before this time

I ached for her

But most I missed was her smell

I lost her in this world

But she never drifts away

I’m trying to catch the fading sense of every touch

Fancying every fight

Craving to make her laugh

Praying to get one last chance

I know I’m forgetting her voice

But I will never forget the smell of rain

The essence of sand

Or scent of leaves

Beaming of a child

Nor the warmth of wild

Because it’s all she left me

It’s all she left for me


Hidden behind the veil

i could see her face

eyes which bowed down

lips that curled up

hands were all dusky

shinning like sprinkled with glitter

rest of all was black

she was a beauty to be hidden behind a veil

no one could see her

she was worth to be kept safe

her smile was angelic

elicited from her eyes

Think God wanted her to be a secret

the beauty saved from the beast

a diamond, the one that came down the sky

infront of eyes but not for everyone to see

(in the name of every women who covers up)💕😊

I won’t tell

you want to see the tight petite

I won’t tell you about all the starvings

you want to see the happy smiles

i won’t tell you about all the bullying

you want to feel the perfect skin

i won’t tell you about the hundreds of product smashed on my face

you want to feel the smooth legs around your waist

i won’t tell you about the pain of wax

you want to talk to the girl with sweet voice

i won’t tell you she is already broken

you are in love with the blue eyes

i won’t tell you these are lenses instead of glasses

you want to hear “yes”

i won’t tell you that I need break

you can’t deal with a “no”

i won’t tell you that it hurts

you just want to spent some time together

i won’t tell you that period pain is real and mood swings too

you want me too stay back because you will protect

i won’t tell you that shelter is sweet but over protectiveness suffocates me

you want to hear me talk

but i will never tell you about my dreams

you complain that i’m too shy

i won’t tell you about all those mocking friends

you want to know why i have bruises

i won’t tell you about my drunk father

you want to know why i flinch at every touch

i won’t tell you about that too friendly uncle

you want to talk about sun rise and day

i won’t tell you the secrets of dark

you love to fly high

i won’t tell you that i failed before i tried

you love to keep roses in your vase

i won’t tell they look better in the garden