Ok so now I’m soooooo deadly excited and happy that my hands are literally shaking while writing this.

It is indeed true that after loosing first match from India in champions trophy 2017 (4 june) I was pretty sure that Pakistan is not going anywhere but coming back to their country, but after their astounding comeback in tournament against England and other teams before reaching finals, they turned every heart of Pakistani cricket fan around. And then we earned another match against India (our oldest and probably only foe espacially in cricket) to creat a history!

Most fans wanted to have a final between Pak and Bangladesh because chances of winning against top ranked team, for us was unquestionably low. But now there is no stopping to our celebration!!😀😀

No one, from now can ever compare ‘THE PAKISTAN TEAM’ or ‘THE CHAMPIONS 2017’ with teams like Afghanistan etc.

It was not a trophy achieved by luck but rather Pakistani team trully and wholeheartedly earned to hold it high up after defeating India in all three departments.

In the end, for the people who said that u will be playing match with your father on father’s day, I would definitely like to say that NEVER EVER try to mess with your baap, and now anyone can tell who really is a father and how badly it can beat it’s children if they stand against him!

India is a great team but today it wasn’t their day and they were definitely intimidated by their nerves. But we’ll played boys.

Pakistan congratulations😍😍!!! But in the end…….it’s okay to celebrate victory but always heed lessons from your mistakes.

 I might be the only crazy cricket fan here so let’s not drag this blog anymore. Bye and now I’m going to party. HURRAH!!!✌👏






After years, Allie and Noah meets when Allie accidently sees the pic of Noah’s house in newspaper and decides to pay her ex-boyfriend a visit. Its been years since they both have heard from each other and no one seems to have any idea about what to say. They might find it awkward to bump into each other after long leap of years but they will always share the true love they have experienced during the last summer they were together.

Novel starts from old Noah when he went to read a notebook to old women in nursing house. Then it follows his story back to when he was still young and capable and meets his true love on a festival night. During that summer they both, Noah and Allie shares such tenderness of love that sticks to them for years even when they were separated by miles and never heard from each other.

After reading this novel you will once again find yourself believing in true love even when it might not exist anymore.


ADORE that how nature was described through writing in the book. The terrain is the best thing that happened to this love story. From singing of crickets to dusk was portrayed in such a mesmerizing way that it felt like I was sitting there.

‘Love never dies’ was proved through this epic couple.


Except that this book don’t have an intense plot and climax, there is nothing wrong with it, but still it might be just me who like books with wild dramas and a little bit of actions. Most people will find it a little boring and slow because there, like I said, is no big drama but it was written back in 1996, best for that time when people still used to sit on their porches to read with mugs of coffees and to watch there kids play in front yard.




TITLE: After you

WRITER: Jojo Moyes

MY RATING: 2.5/5

SYNOPSIS: Louisa starts to live in London after death of Will and continues to work there. She thought that moving on was now impossible and that she will never feel Will again in anyone or anything, but that old guy still have surprises for her. Soon she meets the people who give reasons both for to move on and dare to love again. Who said life is fair?, but either you have to let one incident hold you back or create your new boundaries. 

This book has an epic twist for the people who liked ‘ME BEFORE YOU’ and Will. Do read it if you liked first book. I think it was a little boring in start but became bearable after appearance of Lily.


your life may become miserable but is it necessary to destroy other’s lives to escape it?

TITLE: Me Before You

AUTHOR: Jojo Moyes

GENRE: Adult novel, Realistic fiction

SYNOPSISAfter losing her job in café, Louisa becomes a care taker of William Traynor who was paralyzed, two years back after a road accident. After fugitive time of trouble they both seems to get along with each other, but soon Lou realizes that Will is planning on doing something that she was employed to prevent.

REVIEW: I found this book a bit slow and boring in start but after Lou and Will becomes friends it gets a little interesting. There was no suspense in story and I think many pages were written only with the purpose of filling. Although dressing sense of Lou always made me laugh and I also enjoyed how Will was trying to give Lou different experiences of life.

My favourite scene is when Lou meets Will for the first time and he starts making those sounds to scare her.

I wont recommend this book because it promotes suicide and encourages the idea that if you are crippled you are better off dead.



This was the longest series I have read.Yet! Yes I haven’t read Harry Potter series (can u plz try not to hate me).

I read first book in start of 2016 but because of papers and school and studies and shit like that, I finished it in Nov of 2016. DUDE! it was a long journey finally ventured.

I will not be giving separate synopsis or my reviews on six books so just deal with it.

SYNOPSIS:  Clary, with her best friend goes to a club and witnesses an apparently invisible murder. But that’s not what sets her ordinary life in motion on track of endless drama and actions but sudden disappearence of her mother and shattered appearance of her house leads her to core of her existence and truth of her shadow-hunter life.

CLARY:   A girl of strong will-power. Her character inspires many and proves to be a beacon of light for those who have to choose between family and right. From the start she stands between her villain father and shadow hunter’s safety and then kills her own brother for right. Through her character, writer prover that family is not just made by blood.

JACE:   Pity deserving hero (sorry JACE fans) He, till the end was struggling to find the truth of his parents and after finding it he couldn’t cope with it. OKAY now good points, brave, handsome, carying, paladin and clary’s soul mate (I count that as favourable point). He had a LUCK.

SIMON:  Clary’s best friend. He was a human in start of series and than was bitten by vampire so turned into a vampire. He is better than JACE in many ways like he is with Clary since their childhood and also cares for her. I think Clary and Simon can make a better couple. I support ‘CLAIMON’ group. But he is not even bad with Isabelle.

VALENTINE:  He is father of Clary and Jonathan. He is villain of first three books and dies in end of ‘city of glass’ (sorry for the spoiler). He lives with only purpose to make ‘PURE’ shadow-hunter world.

JONATHAN/SEBASTIAN:  The full on handsome villain, son of valentine and brother of Clary. He is ultimate ‘bad-boy’ and I like him. He wants a shadow-hunter free world and is worse than his own father. He is a convict, actually a super-convict and a super-villain.  He is bad but flawless AND my favourit from whole series. Did I mention how handsome he is!!

ALEC AND ISABELLE:  Brother and sister and children of jace’s foster parents. Both are great shadow hunters and even greater supportes of jace.

JOCELYN AND LUKE:   Jocelyn is mother of Clary and jonathan and ex-wife of valentine. Luke is werewolf and husband of Jocelyn also a very old bestfriend of valentine.

WHAT I THINK: Our world need more books like these and more writers like Cassandra Clare. I will never in my life will be able to get out of this series hangover.

I’m now actually planning to read all series by Cassandra Clare but there is no space left on my TBR so I’ll just simply memorize them.


Glad to finally finish this saga after extensive time but I don’t think I wasted my time on it.

I had a great time spent with these books and espacially the last one (breaking dawn) actually made me cry.

My favourite parts are when Jacob imprints on renesmee and Bella turns into vampire.

I will never understand the people who have problem with this saga.

That’s it for this blog, I really have to get going to tackle with my TBR which is longer than rapunzel’s hairs.😂


Finally finished second book on Twilight saga i.e New Moon. I am trying very hard to finish this series to get back on my mission of shrinking my TRB (can’t see that happening soon).

Just before I start reviewing this book I must say movie ruined it. I don’t know if its just a side effect of watching movie after reading book or its just me, but it really pisses me off when scenes in movie are not same as described in book. After eradicating a hand full of scenes they never mind to change the other too.

Coming back to book,  I think it was not better than first one. I didn’t at all liked how 99.99% it was only revolving around Bella’s miserable state, Memories of Edward, crying, tears, rejection blah blah seriously, do Bella thinks that her life is more muddled up than Pakalu Papito? remembering of which here are some of his tweets (just for a change in air).

  • I get ignored so much

my name should be terms and conditions

  • I’m so naturally funny because my life is a joke
  • “you are what you eat” I don’t remember eating a huge disappointment.
  • if I swallow magnet will I become attractive?

Now getting back *sighs*, my favourite part of book was when Bella goes to La Push to meet Jacob and demanding explanation for his sudden vanishing, just to meet with his scandalous change and hatred for Cullens. I kind of enjoyed harsh words of Jacob, I know I’m cruel.😈