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These shallow graves (Review)


              Josphein Montfort is a passionate writer and wants to be reporter of injustice and crime but she is expected to get married soon and give birth to babies just like sweet girls of her family do.

When Jo’s father dies accidently while cleaning his pistol, she is not fooled to believe like others that her father was so careless to clean a loaded gun and she takes up a task of finding the real reason behind his death.

On her mission, she is helped by a young but unfortunate lad, Eddie. They both fell in love and now Jo fears the loss she would had to endure if she chooses a penniless man over most eligible bachelor of NY, Abraham.

Past never stayes buried forever and if yours is dirty then burry it deep.


                     I picked this novel months back, from book store because of its eye-catchy cover.

Novel is based in 1890s in New York at the time when poverty forced people to street crimes and every influential person considered it their dishonor to help them out.

“we who have means and voices should use them to help those who have neither.”

Josphein Montfort belonged to rich family. Beside abundance of money they also had the famous family name ‘Montfort’.

She had everything except freedom. Because of being a girl and Montfort, she was kept hidden in her materialistic world away from realities.

When her father dies and she starts to discover the truths, she digs the old graves which costs her the lot but:

“one should do what had to be done.”

My favourite character is Jo not because she is protagonist but because she is horribly like me. Crazy, torn between what she wants and what her family wants for her, loves to walk alone on streets, a rebellion and rule-breaker hidden inside her, where everyone else of her age wants to get married and attend parties.

Fay is also a really strong and influential character and I can always consider her example because I never had it worse than what she lived through and all what those prostitutes and beggars strive through.

Plot of novel didn’t mattered to me. I don’t care if it was strong and evenly paced or not, I cared about things which were spoken about in book which are not specially ment to be said.

Realities of  modern society are revealed in such a way that every reader feels a need to stand-up himself against wrong, for what is right and what has to be done.

It’s so heartbreaking to think that even after so many years much hasn’t changed.

If you are in any mood of walking the streets at night and doing some crazy stuff then read this book and do them with Jo. I’m sure that anyone can fall in love with this story.

Enjoy 😊


               Earth is invaded by alien race “souls”. All human bodies are taken as hosts by souls and some of the remaining are hiding away. 

When Wanderer comes to earth she is placed in the body of Melanie, a young girl, who is considered to be one of last humans to live on Earth. Unlike the majority, in this case the old tenant of body has not completely left the mind to it’s host.

Still alive inside the mind Mealnie, resists Wanda from taking all control. 

Melanie’s body was in love with human names Jared who is possibly still alive and living somewhere in hiding. Without any control over her bodie’s desires, Wanda achs for a human she has never met. 

                 I was a fan of Stephenie’s writing since i read twilight saga  which is the reason I picked this book from school library. 

It’s a dystopian novel based in future when humans loses a war and earth is taken over by “souls”.

The concept of invasion on earth without fighting (like weapons and bombs in sci-fi movie) was very griping. Just like in Twilight, this book was also drenched in emotions 😢😢. After the war is over, Earth becomes the perfect planet we are trying to make it.

Writer depicted the injustices, division and fighting between humans as the main reason for losing war. “Souls” took our home from us and justified their act by saying that we were already killing each other and this planet, which is no matter how horrible is still the truth.

I really liked character of Wanda. She is more ‘human’ than most of us. The way she feels for everyone, humans and souls both, for how strong human emotions are for her and I liked her specially when she saved and forgave Kyle after his attempt to kill her. To me she is really an alien with such tender attitude in today’s world.

I was interested in seeing who Wanda chooses over other and I liked Ian through and through. I’m satisfied with how couples paired in end, while I still have objection over the new body of Wanda, she could have got a better one easily.

Overall novel was quiet lengthy but still enjoyable, anyone will fall for a ‘love square’ such as this one.

So read it even If you didn’t liked Twilight saga because it’s plot is more intriguing. Give it a try and enjoy!👍

My not so perfect life (Review)

Synopsis: Catherine always wanted to live in London. She was having a blast life, at least according to her instagram stories, but in real she could just afford to rent a room with no cupboard for her things. 
She is just another junior in her office and she has never been to any of the restaurants or eaten any food which she posts on her instagram.

But there was one thing she had endless supplies of, hope. She knew deep in herself that one day her life will be perfect just like her boss, Demeter’s and will match her instagram posts. She just have to grab the chance to impress upon her boss and then she can be on her journey to big houses, designer cloths, fancy restraunts and extended parties.

It’s not long after Christmas, that Cat losses her job. Now she has to go to country to live with her father on their farm. And they starts a glamping business.

Auspiciously the glamping business on their farm is thriving. That’s when she sees her ex-boss again, when she comes for vacations.

Now wait till she chooses to revenge her boss or simply forgive her for ruining everything for her including her only chance with Alex.

My review: This is first book of Sophie, I’m reading and it’s absolutely astounding. While reading it, I felt like someone was talking directly to me…..it was nothing like reading worthless long paragraphs. And writer has a good sense of humour.

It’s a story of a country girl who always wanted to live in London. Despite of doing her best, she looses her job and can do nothing to stop herself from loathing her ‘perfect’ boss, Demeter and her perfect life.

One day, while still working in office, she meets Alex. He is rich and handsome and they both somehow shares this…….spark. And loosing her job also means losing chance to see Alex.

Protagonist, Cat or Katie, is defiantly insecured about herself. She wants to change everything….everything, from her accent to name. And wants to be like anyone else but not herself. Cat is even ashamed of her background and all.

While reading it I slowly felled in love with country. Farms, lakes, sunshine, breeze, cattle, earth, mud, fresh food, meadow.

Overall it was a nice read with well paced story. I liked writing style and is also looking forward to read other books of writer. It’s a good vacation read.

Do I recommend it: yes

My rating: 4/5

The Sun is also a Star by Nicola Yoon [Review]

Synopsis: Natasha doesn’t want to be thinking about leaving America. She wants to be worrying about prom, college etc, but as an undocumented immigrant she is being deported and is going back to her birth country Jamaica with her family, with in 24 hours.

She pushes her luck and goes to meet a solicitor for the last time. That’s when she meets the boy who changes her and spreads a broad smile ☺ on her face, atleast for some time.

Daniel is Korean-American and naturally a poet. But his parents wants him to be doctor. So he is going for an interview for Harvard when he sees a black girl on streat of NYC. 

His intentions were not to follow her.But he just couldn’t pretend that the girl, with pink headphones, is not super attractive.

Daniel know that his family will never approve if his relationship with a black girl and Natasha is already hidding a bigger secret under her smile. 

My review: I picked this novel up for two reasons:

  • Writer, Nicola Yoon, i like her other book ‘everything everything’.
  • Title, it made me curious.

It’s a novel about two teenagers who are lead to each other as different events proceeds. It’s like they were ment to meet that day and fall in love.

Most of novel is rooted in one single day. And the ending is quite expected. 

    In the novel I really liked how most of the scenes were descripted……like i could just simply dive in it, feeling every touch and each breath. 

    Two different cultures are brought together in a fantabulous way. (Chocolate with vanilla is just…..)

    Novel is very well paced with a little over information about side characters (which is not important) but it’s still enjoyably……not boring.

    One moment you are reading this thing and other second you are somewhere else entirely…just like that.  It might be little bit fussy at first but I started liking it gradually bcz it’s different.

    I instantly felled in love with afro hairs of Natasha and debonair appearence of Daniel…..and I was wondering how her hairs will look in pink shade.

    Protagonists are well depicted both mentally and physically.

    (P.s, does this book really have no chapters?)